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Types of Flat Roofing – Flat Roofing Alternative

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If you’re working on a renovation project, or you’re thinking about repairing or replacing a flat roof, it’s wise to explore all the options open to you. There are several kinds of flat roofing, and some may be more suited to your project than others. Here’s a helpful guide to different types of flat roofing.

Felt Flat Roofing

Felt is commonly used for flat roofs. The most significant advantage of felt roofs is the cost, which tends to be lower than most other materials. Felt roofs look smart and understated, they’re relatively easy to maintain and repair, and they’re versatile. Felt will suit the majority of properties with a felt roof. Felt roofs contain bitumen and they have a mineral finish, which comes in a range of colours. If you’re looking for a simple, affordable option, felt flat roofing could be an ideal choice.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM is a rubber material, which represents an excellent long-term investment. This material is built to last, and it has a 20-year guarantee. EPDM flat roofing involves using a single piece of rubber to cover the entire roof. Many people opt for EPDM because it is hard-wearing, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. EPDM comes in a range of colours, and you can choose the material based on the style of the home and your own individual taste. EPDM is not the cheapest option, but it is a hard-wearing material that will stand the test of time.

GRP Flat Roofs

GRP or glass reinforced plastic roofs are an increasingly popular option in the UK. Made from fibreglass, these roofs are designed to withstand traffic and wear and tear, and they come with a 20-year guarantee. GRP flat roofing is incredibly strong, and it also looks very similar to lead, making it an excellent choice for both traditional and modern properties. GRP is usually recommended for small and medium-sized areas.

Zinc Flat Roofs

Zinc flat roofing has emerged as a more popular choice due to its environmental benefits. Zinc is recyclable, the production of zinc involves less energy, and it lasts for decades. When considering zinc, it’s essential to think about the conditions, as there is a risk of corrosion.

Green Roofs

Many of us are trying to do our bit for the environment, and green roofs are a trend that looks set to continue. Green flat roofing enables you to create a roof garden. If you’re short on space, for example, you live in the heart of the city, this type of flat roof could provide a solution for a lack of green space, paving the way for a sky garden that looks fabulous. If you are thinking about a green flat roof, it’s crucial to seek expert advice, as the roof will need to be strong enough to support the moisture required to ensure the garden thrives.

There are multiple types of flat roofing, and all have their pros and cons. If you’re thinking about repairing, replacing or adding a flat roof to your home, hopefully, this guide has given you food for thought.

Types of Flat Roofing - Flat Roofing Alternative
Types of Flat Roofing - Flat Roofing Alternative

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